We are often asked: 

How much do you charge for tax return preparation ?

Well the answer is far from easy given the fact that everyone's income tax return is different. As professionals we charge professional accounting rates however we are very competitive in the industry. We are happy to give you an idea of what someone would pay for tax preparation based on your facts and circumstances - just give us a call.

How much do you charge for business accounting and bookkeeping services ?

For monthly reoccuring accounts we offer a "Small Business Package" that includes all of the traditional accounting services such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, unlimited consulting and audit representation, just to name a few, for a convenient low monthly fee. Let us give you a quote for your business today !

Do you support QuickBooks users ?

Every staff member on our team is a QuickBooks expert and have passed QuickBooks certification exams. We are happy to support your QuickBooks and can make your life much less stressful to use them.

How long have you been in business ?

In January 2015 Frank L. Crowe, CPA and Neal E. Donahue, CPA created Crowe Donahue PLLC as a partnership to better serve the clients their clients. The partnership created an all-encompassing approach to client service while increasing the abilities of the firm. There is approximately 55 years of  experience in tax and accounting between the 2 partners. Each partner has experience in both the public and private accounting arena. Quality and customer service is the number one goal of the firm.

Crowe Donahue, PLLC